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Set up your own mail server

Most people have casual emails such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft or other free providers: that might be OK, in a sense. Most companies in the IT industry have their own domain names for professional use, but they entirely give up the ownership of their data by subscribing to the same services that random users have for unprofessional, sporadic use.

This is stupid.

I think companies and institution should by default own their data.

Managing your own mail server is a way to own your data.

All you need

All you don’t need

Software we will use

A good setup

Get the mailware scripts and unpack them, you will get this tree:


Edit the content of mail-setup.cfg with the name of your host and the domain that you are going to create a mailserver for, like this:


That’s all the input that the script needs. You should just be able to run it like this:


This will create a mailserver where each unix user of the machine will become a mail account. If you want to add an email account for your domain, just add a unix user with the corresponding name, without the part.


If you feel like:

you are encouraged to reach out and contact us: you’ll get a focused professional to address your needs.




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