Automation for the IOT
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Heron is:

Heron features:

Heron offer

Heron can be used in one of the following ways:

Get the software

Install deb package

issue the command:

sudo dpkg -i heron-1.0.0.deb

Use the software

Heron comes with a minimal inline help:

$ heron -h
Usage: /bin/heron [<option>] [<file>|<job>]
    -i <file>                : loads task file on server
    -X </path/to/job.json>   : executes job defined in file <job.json>
    -p </path/to/cron.json>  : schedules on local cron </path/to/cron.json>
    -P <cron>                : schedules (pull) on local cron <cron> remote json
    -w <job>                 : writes local cron file for <job>
    -W </path/to/cron.json>  : writes remotely (push) local <cron.json>
    -x <job>                 : executes job defined in standard location as <job>
    -r <job>                 : appends <job> to cron
    -R <job>                 : inserts <job> to local cron (deletes other jobs)
    -u <job>                 : upload (push) <job> configuration
    -b <job>                 : download <job> configuration and run (bootstrap)
    -o <job>                 : write job on local db to <job.json>
    -E <job>                 : exports <job> files as a standalone package
    -I </path/to/jobx.tar.gz>: imports <job> definition and tasks from a *.tar.gz
    -O <job>                 : dumps job on local db to output
    -g <job>                 : generate skeleton for tasks in <job>
    -s code                  : downloads remote task definition
    -S code                  : downloads remote task and load on local db
    -e                       : locally edit job definition
    -J                       : list local job definitions
    -T                       : list local task definitions
    -l                       : list locally callable jobs
    -L                       : lists remotely available tasks
    -z                       : send diagnostics data back to server


COMMUNITY EDITION Here you can download a preview of the software, and you have to consider it as a Beta unlicensed version to be used for evaluation. you might considering buying support, for which you are encouraged to reach out